Sun. Jun 9th, 2024
Pence rolls out energy plan with goal to make US top energy producer by 2040


Former Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday outlined his energy policy plan with the goal to overtake China as the world’s top energy producer by 2040.

The Republican presidential candidate’s energy proposal includes allowing new drilling on federal lands, cutting permitting time in half, removing restrictions on natural gas production and replenishing the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. His plan also includes lifting regulations that prohibit year-round access to E-15 ethanol blends, which is usually banned in the summer because it creates smog.

“What’s new and bold in the Pence energy plan, is I think the time has come for a vision for the United States of America to reclaim our status as the world’s number one energy producer, we can do it. We can reclaim American energy leadership on the world stage. Our nation will be more prosperous and more secure as a result,” Pence told reporters on a call from his campaign headquarters in Indiana.

Pence said he would stop the “illegal assault on energy” by shutting down the Justice Department’s Office of Environmental Policy, whose mission is to protect underserved communities from harm caused by environmental crimes, pollution and climate change.

“All of that, I truly believe, will not just restore American energy independence but will put us on a path of American energy supremacy,” he said.

He argued that President Joe Biden’s and Democrats’ energy policy is “based on the deception that fossil fuels are not part of the world’s energy future.”

“I mean, Joe Biden, when he was campaigning for president pledged to quote, ‘end fossil fuels,’ and he’s been working to do that since the day he first took office,” Pence said.

Asked how policy would differ from his former boss and now rival, President Donald Trump, Pence said, “I’m very proud of the record of the Trump-Pence administration on energy independence.”

“But I think what differentiates me is that I’m articulating today not only a policy of turning back the failed policies of the Biden administration, ending Joe Biden’s war on energy and unleashing American energy resources, but we’re also casting a bold vision for America to become the number one energy producer in the world by 2040,” he said.

He said that he’s a believer in an “all of the above energy strategy” and would also encourage development of renewable sources of energy.

“I’m someone that believes that we ought to develop all the resources of our land – oil and coal and natural gas. I believe we ought to develop nuclear energy in this country, but we also want to develop all the renewables, wind and solar and hydropower, geothermal. And of course, as I said before, I’ve been a strong supporter of ethanol as well,” he said.

The proposal on his website says Pence will oppose any legislation that gives taxpayer subsidies for any form of energy.

On the call, Pence mentioned reaching the donor threshold to qualify for the debate.

“I’m incredibly grateful to every American who, in nine short weeks, stepped forward and supported our campaign. And those contributions are continuing to roll in. And I’m looking very much forward a week, two weeks from tomorrow to taking our case as a solutions conservative,” he told reporters.

“I think I say with great humility that I think I’m easily the most experienced and the most proven, consistent conservative, that’ll be on that stage. And I’m grateful all the Americans that came alongside us and supported us over the last nine weeks to make that happen.”

He also teased a “detailed plan” on how to strengthen national defense when asked about future policy rollouts.

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