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In acute general anhidrosis, the patient should be under close medical attention due to the high probability of violation of the vital functions of the body. The diagnosis of anhidrosis is made on the basis of special tests. Treatment of sweating disorder is symptomatic. If possible, the causes of the pathology are eliminated.
Causes of anhidrosis Pathogenesis Classification Symptoms of anhidrosis Congenital anhidrosis Chronic generalized anhidrosis Acute generalized anhidrosis Localized anhidrosis Complications Diagnosis Treatment of anhidrosis Prognosis and prevention Prices for treatment.

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The development of the pathological condition is based on a transient or persistent disruption of the sweat glands. The reason for this may be a violation of the formation of skin appendages at the stage of intrauterine development, the lack of adequate nerve stimulation. Anhidrosis is a symptom of a large number of diseases.

Most often, the following reasons lead to a violation of sweat secretion: The cessation of sweating is observed with severe dehydration and intoxication. Dehydration is often caused by insufficient drinking regimen in hot climates.

More rarely, anhidrosis is the result of gastrointestinal disorders and infections, accompanied by vomiting and frequent loose stools when adequate fluid replacement is not carried out. hereditary diseases. The pathology of viagra has been described in terms of pain insensitivity syndrome, primary Sjögren's syndrome, and some forms of ectodermal dysplasia. The development of pathology is based on hypoplasia or the absence of the laying of sweat glands in the embryonic period. neurological disorders. The activity of the sweat glands is regulated by the autonomic nervous system.

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A change in the nature of sweating may be the result of damage to the nerve trunks during operations or invasive diagnostic procedures, the development of tunnel neuropathies of the lower and upper extremities, paraneoplastic neurological syndrome, autoimmune and some other diseases.

Side effects of drugs. A sharp decrease in sweating up to its complete cessation is the result of poisoning with quinacrine, belladonna preparations, side effects of anticholinergic and ganglionic blockers. In the first place in the number of cases of sildenafil pills - antiepileptic drugs. Dermatological diseases and skin lesions. Anhidrosis is observed in scleroderma, chronic atrophic acrodermatitis, ichthyosis. Sweat is reduced in areas of radiation dermatitis, at the site of burns. The degree of local perspiration disorder in case of skin damage is determined by the depth of the lesion.

Functional disorders during dehydration are associated with the loss of blood plasma. A decrease in the volume of circulating blood leads to a decrease in the value of the end-diastolic volume of viagra generic pills and the systolic volume of the heart. A decrease in cardiac output is accompanied by a reduction in skin blood flow and, consequently, perspiration.

Anhidrosis is a characteristic symptom of a number of hereditary diseases caused by congenital malformations of the formation of ectoderm derivatives: hair, teeth, sweat glands. Aplasia of the sweat glands, their underdevelopment leads to the development of generalized chronic congenital anhidrosis, which persists in the patient throughout his life.

Normally, the regulation of sweating is carried out reflexively in response to changes in body temperature, blood, and the chemical composition of the internal environment of the body. Thermoregulation centers are located in the medulla oblongata and hypothalamus. Simpatic and parasympathetic fibers, each of which innervates a certain area of ​​the skin, depart from the spinal cord at the level of the IV-X thoracic vertebrae.

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